Our Services

We will arrange our legal expertise to your immediate needs and ensure legal advice is delivered with understanding that puts you at ease in a difficult situation, while protecting your interests now and in the future.

Our Family Law services, which are set out below, include preparing Binding Financial Agreements and Divorce applications through to representation in the Family Court, Estate planning and Wills and also Child Support Agreements and conveyancing - all undertaken with dedicated service to our client, expected from a professional Firm.

We aim to provide outstanding responsive service, which ensures our clients are satisfied that their matter is progressing towards an acceptable outcome.


Our Legal Services

  • Divorce
  • Property Settlement
  • Child custody & parenting agreements
  • Restraining Orders
  • Binding Financial Agreements
  • Spousal & De Facto Maintenance
  • Child Support Agreements
  • Wills & Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Probate & Inheritance Claims
  • Superannuation splits & SMSF issues


Drafting divorce applications and filing with the Family Court and serving on other side

Property Settlement

The distribution of the parties assets we can offer mediation in house which may avoid Family Court action.

Child custody & parenting arrangements

Dealing with care of children & parental responsibility, including "spending time" arrangements and also relocation and travelling abroad

Restraining Orders

Advice and representation, including making an application, objection, breaches and final hearings

Binding Financial Agreements (BFA)

A BFA can formalise a financial agreement between parties who are "going to marry/are married" / De Facto/same sex - before, during or after relationship breakdown

Spousal & De Facto Maintenance

Advising and representing clients regarding obtaining maintenance after relationship breakdown.

Child Support Agreements

Dealing with payment of Child Support including liaising with Child Support Agency and appeals/reviews/assessments

Wills & Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA)

Drafting Wills/Enduring Powers of Attorney & Guardianships

Probate & Inheritance Claims

Assisting with Probate Applications/Letters of Administration. Making inheritance claims where you have been left out of Will or treated unfairly.

Superannuation splits & SMSF issues

Assistance with Superannuation matters arising during distribution of the parties assets.